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 The Heart and Soul Behind Our Cheese Bread

At Danny's Cheese Bread we're not just about delicious snacks; we're about family, tradition, and wholesome eating.

One of the most beloved Brazilian snacks, our cheese bread, is lovingly crafted with health-conscious families in mind. It boasts a distinct flavor and texture, originally hailing from Brazil. This recipe was developed with a primary focus on nourishing my own children, ensuring that their food was both delicious and nutritious. Today, I am thrilled to share this cherished recipe with you.

Our cheese bread is a labor of love, evoking the warm memories of shared family meals. It's crispy on the outside, irresistibly tasty on the inside, and made with quality ingredients, all without a drop of oil—just as authentic Brazilian cheese bread should be.

With a quick bake time, it's the perfect treat for any time of day. So, gather your loved ones and savor this irresistible delight, knowing it's made with care and devotion.


Founded in 2006 in Woburn, MA, by a wife and mother of three, Danny embarked on a mission to craft a cheese bread recipe that could be made without oil, offering a healthier choice for her children. This innovative approach set her apart as a pioneer in Massachusetts. In April 2021, Danny proudly opened the first Cheese Bread factory and store in Billerica, MA, cementing her commitment to providing her community with authentic and wholesome cheese bread.


The words of Joshua 1:9 guide us as we bring our cheese bread to your table: "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

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